“We have been privileged to have Rena featured as a music guest on Canada’s #1 leading Christian broadcast, 100 Huntley Street many times. The depth of her passion and life experience is evident through every lyric and melody that she composes and performs. In addition to Rena’s outstanding talent as a musician, she possesses a unique stage presence that will bring an audience to their feet. I am confident that Rena’s musical ability and desire to communicate a message will be a tremendous inspiration to all who have and will experience her music.”

Mark Masri
Music Producer - 100 Huntley Street

“It has been exciting to watch the transition from secular to Christian music and to see people being ministered to through Rena’s love for God and the power of her music.  Her Christian commitment, strong voice and engaging personality maker her a unique minister for Jesus Christ.”

Dr. Rod Wilson, President
Regent College

“Rena ministered in a unique way in Sunday morning worship and as a guest artist at our Sunday evening concert. She related well to the people, and was very transparent in sharing about God’s working in her life. While she is very professional in her performance, she came across as a “real” person. I can highly recommend her as a musician, and, more importantly as a servant of God.”

Rev. David Gast
Director of Ministry & Development, Fairhavens

"In addition to her wonderful singing and down to earth delivery, Rena brings a refreshing blend of humour and inspiration to every concert or presentation.”

Maureen Pryce, Women's Events
Elim Lodge, Lakefield, Ontario

“When Rena sings her love for the Lord is very evident. It shows in the lyrics of the songs she sings, many of which came from her own heart. It shows in her face while she is singing and it shows in her everyday dealings with people. Her music exemplifies a person’s walk with the Lord. Her singing is such an uplifting experience for the soul."

Pat Henderson, Director of Music
Queen Street United Church,Lindsay

“We had a great time here on Friday night..." all the women enjoyed the evening!  You did a superb job, and your message of God's love and forgiveness was ever so clear!

Natalie Rogge, National Coordinator
Children's Ministries & BG Clubs
The Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada


“I no longer sing for my own glory, but for the glory of Jesus Christ.
Soften my heart, open my eyes…….
You are the key
This is my prayer
Others will see my eyes on you
and want to know you too.