The disc (Out on a Limb) delivers spine-shivery shimmers with well-crafted career-makers"
Judith Fitzgerald, Country Wave

"Rena Gaile's a cool traditionalist who manages to sound contemporary at the same time. Solid song selection along with Gaile's mature, confident vocals make 'Out On A Limb' one of the strongest indie releases of the year."
Chas Hay, Inside Country TV

"...Gaile's rich voice and emotional touch brings out the best in each little title she tackles..."

"Strong tunes, powerful vocals make this debut album a must to listen to"
Catherine Faint, Live Music Services

" of the best independent Country releases in ages,"
The Record

"A benchmark"
Greg Shannon, co-host of the syndicated radio show "Today's Country.

"A brilliant singer" Steve Glassman, producer of CBC's Country Beat TV Show

Gaile has maintained a genuine optimism, an admirable humility and a generosity of spirit communicating its infectious been-there-done-it-loved-every-minute-of-it warmth. "Iām very pleased with Out On a Limb", Rena readily admits, "Iām ecstatic about the airplay and the video play. Country has come a long way. Itās picking up masses of listeners; and, itās so successful and appeals to all kinds of people. Thatās what makes country country, right? And itās the music Iāve been making all along. People used to come up to me and say I had a really distinctive country voice and Iād be flattered, of course; but, it wasnāt until the last few years that I really started to hear what theyād been saying."
They, especially those in the know, also say Gaileās overdue for a star status roll in the Chart Topper Review. According to Gaile, the learning process involves an understanding of a careerās progress in stages and it isnāt whether or not you get there, itās how much you grow doing it. Itās also maintaining the drive and discipline and holding on to the belief, both in yourself and the music. Itās the journey, arriving intact, finding satisfaction in the results. "This is what I do, better than anything else. Itās all Iāve ever wanted"
Interview From Country Wave
Canada's Premiere Country Magazine