“My experience on stage, in the studio and leading worship has given me skills and insight that I enjoy sharing with others.”

“Let’s Sing!”
An award-winning singer-songwriter and voice coach, Rena focuses on getting a big sound with proper breathing and vocal technique. Drawing on over twenty years of experience on stage and in the studio, Rena shares vital singing, voice care and performance pointers in this interactive seminar. She offers excellent quick-fix tips for hobbyists and professionals, team singers and soloists. Participants are encouraged to bring a prepared song to this seminar.

“Connecting the Dots”
Basic Music Theory and tools essential to every worship leader and aspiring musician. What key am I in? How can I change it? How do I write a chart? How do I transpose? It’s simple! This is a very useful seminar for singers and players with little or no musical background. Rena is an Honors Graduate of the Humber College Music Program in Toronto, Canada.

“Beauty from Within”
“Real beauty has nothing to do with clothes or makeup.”

Rena works from within and without, drawing from what the Bible says about beauty, and using Paul’s letters as “the best prescription for true beauty”. This presentation of message and music works well as part of a non-threatening outreach for women’s groups who bring in the practical expertise of a local beauty salon.

“Ready… Set… Record!!”
Planning to record? How to prepare and what to expect in the studio; from drawing up a budget and finding the right studio and players to finding and selecting material, keys and arrangers. For this workshop Rena calls on the expertise of her husband Jim Morgan, President of Acrobat Music Studio where she records. Jim is best known as an Emmy and Juno-Award winning producer in the advertising and recording community.

Songwriting Seminar
Rena’s seminar will offer you the tools to create songs from your own heart that support your own messages and testimony. The session will teach you the basic fundamentals of songwriting, from getting started, to recording a demo. Learn how to develop an idea and create a hook. Participants are encouraged to bring their own material for group discussion and constructive help within this seminar setting.

Rena writes for a number of Christian artists and co-wrote the theme song "Carry On" for 100 Huntley Street as well as many songs for Bible themes and church events such as Rick Warren's "Purpose Driven Life", the "Serenity Prayer" and "The Prayer of Jabez".

“I found your song writing to be of high quality and your musical presentation to be sincere and transparent.  The love of God shone through you.”

David Spencer, Moderator
Christian Radio Canada - Newsletter

Worship Seminar
This seminar begins with a time of blended worship and moves to look at what Scripture say about worship, worship styles, and the profile of a worshiper/worship leader. Interactive discussion segments include questions like: What is worship and what does God require of us as worship leaders? What does worship look like? How can we be sure that our corporate worship is biblical? This seminar is offered as a response to the accountability worship leaders have to God and their church communities. Rena is a worship leader at Forestbrook Community Church in Pickering.

“Rena has a special talent in music that blends with a sincere desire to serve God.  She very capably leads outreach concerts and worship at our church in a spiritually sensitive way – her authenticity and love for the Lord always shines through!”

David Kay, Chair, Elders Leadership Board
Forestbrook Community Church

Private Coaching
Private Vocal and Theory Coaching is available. Simply contact Rena by phone or email.